RemoteTx Logger – ssb F keys

Download and Install Software:

  1. Follow the directions at: to download and install Virtual Port software, com0com, and RemoteTx Connect.
  2. Purchase, download and install VB-Cable A&B from:
  3. Download the Audio Repeater program exe from:

Audio Control Settings:

Several settings need to be made in the Windows Sound Control Panel so that sound is properly routed between N1MM+ and the web browser while allowing the operator to also listen and transmit with an attached headset when desired.

  1. Open the Windows Sound Control Panel by typing ‘Change system sounds‘ in the search area and then opening the control panel.
  2. Click the Playback tab and Right Click on Speakers and set as both the Default Device and the Default Communications Device.

  3. Click the Recording tab and Right Click on ‘CABLE-B Output’ and set as both the Default Device and Default Communication Device.
  4. Under Recording tab:
    –Double Click on your Microphone to open the Microphone Properties window;
    –Click on the Listen tab
    –Click the ‘Listen to this device’ check box and then select CABLE-B Input as the device.
  5. Under the Recording tab:
    –Double Click on CABLE-A Output to open the Properties window.
    –Click on the Listen tab.
    –Click the ‘Listen to this device’ check box and then select CABLE-B Input as the device.
  6. Set the Selected sound device in the system tray area to ‘Speakers’
    –You can adjust the listening level here.

N1MM+ Configuration:

  1. In N1MM+ select the Config menu and then choose ‘Configure Ports, Mode Control…’.
  2. Under the Hardware tab, Click the Set button (3) for the Kenwood radio and then check the ‘PTT via Radio Command SSB Mode’ checkbox (4).
  3. Click OK several times to close all the Config windows.
  4. From the Config menu click ‘Use Logger+ Audio’.
  5. From the Config Menu choose ‘Logger+ Audio Setup’.
  6. Click the ‘Playback’ tab:
    –Select ‘SO1V / SO2V’
    –Select CABLE-A Input
  7. Close N1MM+

Starting RemoteTx Radio, RemoteTx Connect, Audio Repeater and N1MM+:

  1. Start RemoteTx in a web browser and connect to the radio and start the audio.
    –Click the ‘Digi-Monitor’ button so that you will see when the radio is transmitting.
  2. Start RemoteTx Connect and log in.
    –Click the Tx Enable checkbox.
  3. Start Audio Repeater. (Double click on ‘audiorepeater.exe’)
    –Select Wave in: Cable-A Output
    –Select Wave out: Speakers
    –Then Click START.

    The Audio Repeater software allows you to hear the audio that is generated when you activate the N1MM+ F-keys. You can operate without it, you just won’t hear your own audio when you activate the F-keys.
  4. Start N1MM+ and you now should be able to complete QSO’s using the pre-recorded messages stored in the F-Keys.