Icom Remote Live Demo

The Icom 7200 Live Demo allows you to try out RemoteTx by controlling a real radio located in Carson City, Nevada USA. (Grid: DM09ce)
The radio is connected to a listening-only loop antenna that works on all bands. Transmitting is disabled on the radio, but you can listen, change bands and adjust filters etc. This will help you determine if RemoteTx is of interest to you before you sign up for a 30 day free trial.

You will have access to the radio for 15 minutes and then the session will end. A new session can be started every 24 hours.

If the radio is already in use, a message will indicate that and a retry button can be pressed to try again to see if the other user has finished.

Steps to Use Demo:

  1. Make sure you have a WORKING MICROPHONE connected to your computer / device.
    If you are prompted to allow microphone permissions, be sure to allow microphone use.
    (This is needed for the audio to work properly, even though you won’t be transmitting.)
  2. Fill out the short form below.
    When you click the Continue, the link to launch the radio and the username and password will be shown.
    The 15 minutes will start when you successfully connect to the available radio.