RemoteTx Service Pricing

RemoteTx service subscriptions can be purchased in 6 month or 12 month blocks. The cost for 6 months is $40 USD and the cost for 12 months is $70 USD. This amount helps pay for the costs of running servers in the RemoteTx cloud as well as ongoing development. Each subscription enables 1 Raspberry Pi to be connected to the RemoteTx service with 1 user/callsign login account. When a subscription is nearing expiration, an email reminder will be sent to the user so they can purchase a renewal to avoid any service interruption. RemoteTx does not push advertisements to it’s users in the application.

Free 30 Day Trial:

Amateur operators that want to try out RemoteTx to determine if it is suitable for their operating requirements can sign up for a free 30 day trial.
See: Free 30 Day Trial

Cancellation Policy:

Users can cancel their subscription at any time for a partial refund. The refund will equal $5 USD for every unused calendar month left in the subscription period.