Icom 7610 Quick Start

Update Notes:

Recent Changes:

  1. Added the following vfo control buttons:
    -Dual Watch
    -Main / Sub
    -Main -> Sub
    These buttons all mirror the actual buttons found on the radio.
  2. Fixed Attenuator, ATT, so that it toggles between Off, 6db, 12db, and 18db like the button on the radio screen. For the moment it still gives an error if the radio has one of the other custom values set. Just turn ATT off and then connect and limit use to the above settings. Additional values can be added to this list if needed.
  3. Clicking the little ‘Sub’ button, expands the sub VFO so you have full control to change it’s value as well as the main vfo. See screenshots below. Figure#1 is in collapsed mode, Figure#2 is in expanded mode.

More On The List to Come:

  1. Toggle Pre-Amp through settings 1 and 2.
  2. Add ANT1 / ANT2 choice.
  3. Add RX-ANT choice.

Figure #1

Figure #2