Ham Radio Remote Control from Anywhere.

The RemoteTx™ ham radio remote control system is an economical way to control your amateur radio station through the Internet with a phone, tablet, Mac or PC. There are 3 main parts to the solution.

  1. AT STATION: A Raspberry Pi 3 B/B+ (RPi) appliance running RemoteTx™ software (free download) at your station connected to your radio (USB) and the Internet (ethernet). (The RPi is NOT provided by RemoteTx™.)
  2. REMOTE CONTROL CLIENT: A mobile phone, laptop or tablet running a compatible Internet browser with broadband or LTE cellular Internet access.
  3. An active RemoteTx™ service SUBSCRIPTION linked to the operator’s call sign. This connects the radio station and the remote operator.

  • Remote control (rig control, audio and power control) is achieved by opening an Internet browser and going to:

Compatible Control devices include:

  • Windows 7+ with Chrome browser
  • Apple Mac with Chrome or Safari browsers
  • Apple iPhone or iPad with Safari browser (ios 11+)
  • Android phones or tablets with Chrome browser


  • Conveniently operate your station with a smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Both radio control and 2 way audio are integrated in an intuitive web browser app interface. No additional software installation is required. (See Demos)
  • Radio Power Control via RPi signalling.
  • Low Internet bandwidth requirement: About 100 kbps (0.1 M) max.
  • No dedicated PC required at station.
  • Low cost, widely available standard hardware (Raspberry Pi that costs less than $100).
  • Free software download.
  • Plug and Play setup. (No special firewall configuration.)
  • Network traffic secured with SSL encryption.
  • Global network performance optimization. Subscription account is placed nearest to your station’s worldwide location to optimize network latency.


  • Icom 7100
  • Icom 7200
  • Icom 7300
  • Elecraft KX2
  • Elecraft K3, K3s BETA