Silent dual Solid State Relay (SSR) connected to GPIO pins on RPi and plugged in to key jack on IC-7300:


Paddle plugged into paddle-to-usb converter/keyer:
Circuit board is plugged in to usb port on computer (W7 running Chrome).
Audio is what is heard on actual radio after code has been sent through the internet to the RPi and the  SSR has keyed the radio keyer.
The circuit is:
It is configured to present itself to the computer as a usb keyboard.


‘0’ (dash) and ‘9’ (dot) keystrokes that the paddle-to-usb converter sends to the RemoteTx browser window.
RemoteTx then send dash and dot commands to the remote RPi which triggers the SSR plugged in to the key jack on the radio.
(Radio key type is set to paddle.)